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UFC Shaker Bottle 26oz - White


Key Features

  • 26oz Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Bottle that is Third Party Tested to keep your drinks cold for 30+ hours
  • Kitchen grade premium stainless steel cup that does not absorb odor. No more smelly plastic shaker bottles! Odor resistant metal cup makes it perfect for pre workout, juices, protein powder shakes, BCAAs, coffee, smoothies, ice tea, and water.
  • Patented Twist In Agitator - Breaks up powders so that you never drink a chunky protein shake. It also works as a strainer so you always get good water flow, and is silent when you shake it (no more rattling ball)
  • Tapered bottle design that is easy to fill with measurement markings inside.
  • Fits all standard size cup holders.
  • Sweat Proof Bottle, Preventing Cold Or Heat From Transferring To The Outside Of The Bottle.

For years, protein shake drinkers were stuck with smelly plastic bottles. Ice Shaker came along and has brought you the solution to warm protein shakes and annoying metal balls. Ice Shaker's kitchen grade insulated stainless steel bottles are third party tested to keep your drinks cold for 30+ hours. The noise free twist on patented agitator will blend your protein powders but also works as a strainer to ensure a perfect pour every time. Invested in By Mark Cuban on ABC's Shark tank and created and used by the Gronkowski Brothers and athletes everywhere.